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The Expert in Residential Remodeling

Are you ready to move forward with plans for a residential remodel? If so, King's Plumbing & Mechanical is the experienced company to partner with to get the job done in a way that reflects your preferences and meets your needs while still working well for your budget.

Residential Remodeling Services for Every Need


If it needs to be replaced or updated, we're ready to go to work for you. Our residential remodeling services are affordable, personalized, and designed with long-term value and functionality in mind. Our technicians are friendly, informative, and committed to helping you find a solution that's just right for your needs, budget, and home.

A residential remodel that includes updates to your plumbing is something to consider if you're having increasingly frequent issues with your home's plumbing, water-based appliances, and plumbing fixtures. We also recommend a residential remodel of this nature when:

  • Your current water-based appliances and fixtures are out of date
  • You wish to consider plumbing relocations in your home while considering layout changes
  • You prefer to find creative and functional ways to add value and convenience to your home
  • You have people in your home with access needs due to mobility limitations or other concerns and you want to explore your options with appropriate updates

The Benefits You Can Expect

A residential remodel is a perfect excuse to update the plumbing you depend on daily for your home. Making an effort to update your home's plumbing as you remodel gives you the opportunity to enjoy many added perks. These include:

  • Reducing the need for urgent and/or costly plumbing needs
  • Improving the overall function of your home's plumbing system
  • Giving you the opportunity to explore new plumbing features, such as sinks that have motion-activated faucets or rainfall shower features
  • Improving the value of your home can be even more beneficial if you end up selling your home in the future

Reasons to Choose Our Team

King's Plumbing & Mechanical brings more than three decades of combined experience to each job with our name attached to it. Our clients also benefit from:

  • Ongoing client communication from start to finish of your project
  • Fair pricing
  • Comprehensive consultations that take all factors into account
  • Innovative solutions

Contact Our Team Today

Invest wisely when it's time to remodel your home and update your plumbing by working with the team from King's Plumbing & Mechanical. Be sure to ask about our money-saving maintenance plans, as well! Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation.