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    JAMMING things under the sink

    It can be a great source of storage, but a NO NO!Items under the sink can get in the way, can push on and be a risk of dislodging the plumbing traps.


    Naturally freshen the garbage disposal

    Drop in a few citrus peels!Orange oil found in orange peels is a great degreaser and fragrance, leaving the blades a little cleaner and smelling better.


    Avoid pouring grease, oil & fat down the drain

    Oils solidify as they cool!Wipe out any dishes using oil or grease and discard. Those fats down the drain leave less room for water drainage and could mean a backup or clog.


    Keep the bathroom clutter free

    Believe it or not, what you flush is important!Cotton balls, Q-tips, baby wipes, tampons are all possible toilet clogs and should be disposed of in the trash can.


    Know where the water shut off is

    In an emergency this can save you big $$. Being able to stop the water will help save floors and furniture, allow you to get some of the mess under control before the plumbing professional arrives. Remember: righty-tighty, lefty-loosey!